GreenSonic Cleaning’s partners have over 50 years, (a half century) of experience in the North American Transportation industry. After 6 years of researching and testing methods to clean Diesel Particulate Filters, GreenSonic has brought Ultrasonics to the transportation industry.

GreenSonic’s founding principles are to offer exceptional customer service as well as offering a cost effective method to clean DPF , EGR Coolers, and other parts in the transportation industry. We can work with fleets to manage their DPF Inventory and work with owner operators to clean their DPF quickly and cost effectively.

GreenSonic is located in the Hwy 401/Dixie Rd area of Mississauga, Ontario for easy access.

We also can ship and receive filters and parts. We will visually inspect the filter and then flow test to ascertain the condition of the filter then report with a timeframe and cost to clean the filter. This same process will be used for any EGR coolers and other parts to be cleaned.